What is Occlusion?

Temporalmandibular-graphicIn dentistry, the way your teeth come together when you bite is called your occlusion. If you have a healthy bite, you can expect long-term comfort, stability, and functional esthetics. However, an unstable bite can lead to a host of problems, collectively known as Occlusal Disease. (See “Stable Bite”) We can all agree that the proper alignment of the wheels on your car are critical for performance and safety. Similarly, the alignment of your teeth and jaw is required for you to be able to chew comfortably, and smile with confidence. The seemingly simple action of biting down actually requires exquisitely complex coordination between the teeth, jaws, muscles, and the Temporo-Mandibular Joints (TMJs). Without this precise coordination, the forces generated when you bite and chew can cause the 8 Signs and Symptoms of Occlusal Disease: