Dental Bridges Allentown PA

dental bridges allentown pa

Dental bridges are one proven way to predictably and esthetically replace a missing tooth or teeth. Even though some people may confuse dental bridges with dentures, it is a case of mistaken identity. Dentures come in and out of your mouth every night, dental bridges are cemented in place, and are not removable. Implants give us another option for replacing teeth, but unlike implants, dental bridges allow us to replace missing teeth and restore damaged teeth on either side of the space at the same time. While a single crown replaces damaged tooth structure all the way around a tooth with porcelain, a bridge consists of crowns on teeth on either side of a missing tooth, connected by a pontic (false tooth) in the space. Once the teeth are prepared for crowns, the dental bridge is fabricated, and cemented to your teeth with the form and function of a natural dentition. The process of making a bridge is similar to a single crown. We first remove the damaged tooth structure from the adjacent teeth and make a very detailed impression of the teeth and gums. We then fabricate a provisional bridge to protect the prepared teeth and hold them in the correct place and orientation. We use this temporary bridge as a template for the final restoration. Since it is easy to adjust and add to the provisional, we can make esthetic changes on this acrylic bridge to be sure we are all happy with the form and function of the final bridge before our ceramist makes it in porcelain. There are usually only two visits, several weeks apart, needed to prepare, fabricate, and deliver a bridge. I more complex cases, we may take an additional step or two to assure a precise fit, using the finest materials and hand picked lab technicians to give us consistently beautiful restorations. missing teeth allentown pa