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allentown pa dental implants

Dental implants have changed dentistry forever. Simply put, an implant replaces the root of a missing tooth. This opens up a new world of options for treating any number of dental problems. The most common use for implants is the replacement of a tooth needed to support a single implant crown or implant supported dental bridge. In these cases, an oral surgeon or periodontist places one implant for each missing tooth that needs to be replaced. In general, there are three parts to an implant restoration. For a single tooth replacement, the surgeon places the implant below the gumline and, after allowing an appropriate time for healing, we will fabricate abutment which is screwed into the implant itself. The abutment functions to support the third part of the restoration, the crown. If there are three or more teeth in a row missing, we can strategically place fewer implants than there are teeth missing, and restore the segment with a dental bridge. The position of the implants is dictated by the quantity, quality, and location of bone. If there has been significant bone loss, or if the presence of large sinuses limits the amount of bone to support the implant, the surgeon can add bone with grafting material or do a "sinus lift" procedure to give us the support we need. In some cases, when all the teeth in an arch are missing, it is more cost effective to make an implant supported denture. We can make a denture that is screwed into place, or one that snaps into place and is removable so it can come out at night for proper cleaning. Using implants to support dentures for patients who would have otherwise suffered with dentures that would slip and fall out is a tremendous improvement over conventional removable dentures. dental implants allentown pa