Periodontal Disease

periodontal disease and gun disease allentown pa

Periodontal Disease  and Gum Disease Allentown PA

A house is only as strong as its foundation. Healthy gums and supporting bone are pre-requisites to a healthy mouth and teeth. Our dental hygienists are dedicated professionals, committed to helping you establish and maintain periodontal health. Given this solid foundation, you can expect to keep your smile for a lifetime. Gum disease is caused by bacteria. It is perfectly normal and essential for there to be bacterial in your mouth, but problems occur when the bacteria gets out of balance with the rest of the natural ecosystem. Your body's response to an overgrowth of bacteria is inflammation. This natural response to the bacterial insult brings with it the full force of your immune system. When the white blood cells come to fight the bacterial invasion, they can damage the soft tissue and bone in the area. This is why Periodontal disease is associated with bone loss and deep pockets around affected teeth. Another part of your body's defense mechanism, is the release of chemical messengers into the bloodstream when it senses an infection. These chemicals, “substance P” chief among them, establish an inflammatory response that affects organ systems throughout your body, not just at the site of infection. We understand now that this inflammatory response is the key link between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and a list of other serious medical conditions. Achieving and maintaining healthy teeth and gums could be one of the most important things you can do to keep yourself healthy. We assist you in this mission by diagnosing Periodontal Disease early, and treating it aggressively and appropriately. Starting with your first visit, we will do a full periodontal charting that will help us identify any problem areas. Periodontal pockets measuring 4mm or more are a concern and may need to be treated with scaling and root planing to achieve a smooth root surface, free of calculus and less likely to harbor bacteria. In some cases, we may also use localized antibiotics designed specifically to kill the bacterial that cause periodontal disease.