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Dental Veneers Allentown PA

porcelain veneers allentown pa

Using specially formulated high strength, ultra thin porcelain, we can transform your smile while preserving the integrity of your natural teeth. Our dental veneers can be prepared to a fraction of a millimeter in thickness to cover, reshape, and restore your teeth to give you the smile you want. While each and every patient's needs are unique to themselves, in some cases we are able to deliver beautiful veneers with minimal to no tooth preparation (drilling), and often without even needing anesthetic. Dr Forgosh devotes his expertise in the art of cosmetic dentistry. Through the placement of porcelain veneers, he brilliantly perfects smiles in Allentown PA, giving our patients the great look they have long deserved. Whether you choose to be fitted with veneers or decide to undergo any of the other cosmetic dentistry treatments we offer, we have the skill, talent, and artistic eye to help achieve your aesthetic and oral health goals! At Green Hills Dentistry, we know how to make you smile! dental veneers allentown pa