Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry is the key to our philosophy of treatment. We would rather prevent costly problems with simple preventive and interceptive treatment than wait for you to suffer an emergency. Preventive dentistry includes professional hygiene care at regular and appropriate intervals of time. Every person has a unique need for hygiene frequency depending on the mineral content, quantity and quality of their saliva, the extent and condition of existing restorative dentistry, parafunctional habits, bite problems, and a host of other factors. We will help evaluate your specific needs and set up an oral health maintenance program that is right for you.

Our philosophy of total patient care addresses damage done by two primary sources: Bacterial and Forces. Bacteria causes tooth decay and gum disease, while Forces are responsible for broken teeth and fillings, excessive wear, muscle pain, recession, and a long list of other problems. Most challenges you will face relating to dentistry are progressive by nature. We identify problems as early as possible, and when appropriate, intervene at these early stages to prevent more advanced signs and symptoms from ever developing. This is our concept of preventive dentistry.


Comprehensive periodontal therapy is a cornerstone of our practice. We routinely measure and track your periodontal health so that we can be alert to any early changes and treat appropriately before irreversible damage is done. At your hygiene appointments we will complete a thorough oral cancer screening, periodontal examination, evaluate teeth and existing restorations for signs of wear, fracture or decay, and evaluate the functional health of your jaw and bite. Through vigilant care, we are able to alert you to potential problems before they become actual emergencies.

Decay Detection

We use advanced technology to detect early decay. When we find decay early, we can treat it more easily, more predictably, and more economically. We use digital radiography which gives us an enhanced x-ray image improving diagnostic quality with 90% less radiation than a traditional x-ray. We also utilize an instrument called a Diagnodent that measures laser light absorption in teeth to give an accurate measure of the presence and severity of tooth decay. These early detection tools help us do less invasive procedures and prevent bigger problems for you down the road.

Fluoride Treatments

Advances in fluoride delivery systems have made topical fluoride application an excellent preventive modality for almost everyone. There is no clinical or scientific reason to stop fluoride treatments after the age of 18. This practice was instituted by the insurance industry as a cost cutting measure. In fact, the benefits of topical fluoride only increase as our teeth age. We recommend appropriate topical fluoride for our pediatric and our adult patients on a regular basis.