Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Allentown PA

White teeth are the hallmark of youth and beauty, and there have been many different “bleaching” systems over the years. Some used UV lights and lasers, while others used direct heat to the bleaching material. Unfortunately, none of them were predictably effective, and some (UV lights in particular) were even potentially dangerous. We have spent years searching for a teeth whitening system that works predictably; minimizes sensitivity; and is safe, even beneficial to your teeth. Some of our patients seeking whiter teeth are able to achieve the results they are hoping for by simply using professional strength WhiteStrips. While this is not the best solution for everyone, it is very inexpensive and, as the strips are much stronger than the over-the-counter version, they can be quite effective in the right circumstances. For those patients who require a higher level of whitening we use, by far, the best system developed to date. Through extensive scientific research, meticulous material manufacturing, and a strict clinical protocol, the Kor Deep Bleaching system meets all of our requirements for the ideal bleaching system. For less than the cost of a single veneer, we are now able to whiten even the most difficult teeth with confidence. Please ask one of our team members about your options for brightening your smile. teeth whitening allentown pa